Monday, November 16, 2009

A Teeeenie Tiny Baby!

We picked little baby V from the hospital on Saturday afternoon.  She's so tiny! Holy cow, she's 11 weeks old and 10 lbs.  She's absolutely beautiful. So sweet, tiny and dainty.  Such a little girl!

The nurse told us they were feeding her 2-3.5 oz every 3 hours. She's not doing that at all for us.  We can occasionally get her to eat 3oz, but mostly she eats 1-2 oz every now and then. She sleeps alot and doesn't eat very often throughout the day.  We have an appointment with a pediatrician in a couple of hours and I'm hoping they can help me get more food to stay in her.  She's so unbelievably tiny!

We sat down and talked with little mommie T to explain everything, before she arrived. We were dreading it, because it's very important that she remain comfortable with us and know that we are still here for her and that nothing has changed.  She seemed pretty cool with it.  She went with us to pick out a few sleepers and we let her pick what she would wear home.  She even went with us to the hospital, although they wouldn't let her up there.

Thankfully the latest head MRI of baby V was normal.  I saw some of her medical records.  The mass on her brain is small and appears there is no major issues from it.  Her rib fractures are healing, they think they are 3-6 weeks old.  And all of her other fractures are also healing and were old as well.  We were told she's just a perfect little happy baby.  When I think about it, I want to cry.  She had multiple fractures of her little body and was left to feel all that pain.  She's felt pain her whole life.  Yes, I have cried.

Little mommie T has been afraid to touch her.  I keep telling her that she's fine, and just this morning T held and cuddled her a bit before school.  (yes, I'm taking the day off to sleep and get to know V some)  So, T will come around, how could she not? 

What happens next?  Well, I located V's dad on Sex Offenders Registry.  He was charged with Second Degree Sexual Assault with a Child.  She has his nose.

We meet both parents (or one if dad is still in jail) one day this week for the family meeting.  Truthfully, I am not looking forward to it so much. But it's par for the course and we have to do it.

Baby's waking up, so laters!

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  1. What a horrible thing the baby went through. I am glad that she is safe now.